Top scuba diving advice

Scuba diving is by far one of the most exhilarating and enjoyable things
you can do. There are so many places under the sea that you can discover
and thousands of different types of marine life that you can come close
to. It is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular throughout the
world. Once deemed to be too expensive to the average person it has now
become far easier and cheaper for anyone to do.

The term "SCUBA" stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing
Apparatus. This basically means that you have the tank of oxygen on your
back that you use for breathing under water. This allows you to stay
under water for long period of time and truly lets you explore the
underwater paradise. Although generally a very safe sport, safety is
always the number one priority when scuba diving. In fact, before you are
allowed to go scuba diving yourself you must have classes and achieve a
certain level of competence before you are allowed to dive alone.

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These classes generally start by lessons in a swimming pool and will
always be carried out by suitably qualified diving instructors. The
instructors will initially teach you the basics including using the
apparatus to breathe underwater and all the underwater hand signals which
you must master in order to communicate with people whilst you are under
water on a dive. These lessons are usually very cheap and can be carried
out as quickly or slowly as you choose. If you want to get out on the
open water fairly quickly then you can choose to have several lessons a
week. Once you have become fairly competent in the swimming pool, then
your final test will be a dive in open water with your instructor. Once
this is completed your gain a certificate which means you can dive alone
wherever you are allowed.

The benefit of scuba diving is that you get to visit some of the most
glorious places in the world. So many untouched paradise's live just
below the water and exploring them can only be reached by diving. So
whether you're just looking into starting scuba diving or even if you're a
seasoned pro you should always enjoy every minute when you're under the